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Out of the many cat breeds recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association, the Singapura Cat is probably the breed with the strongest will to survive. These tough little cats have endured almost impossible conditions to grow and thrive. Singapure cat is also called the drain cat because the cats originally lived in the water culverts of Singapore. Luckily, several cats were imported to the United States before Singapore's officials decided to control their feral cat population and cleaned out the drains, or these plucky cats would no longer exist.

The Singapura is one of the smallest cat breeds, weighing only four to nine pounds.

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Many cat fanciers think that the Singapura is such a small breed because it is easier for a cat to escape from predators when he can squeeze into tiny spaces to hide.

Also, larger cats were probably unable to hide their kittens as easily, and the cats that were able to successfully raise kittens became smaller and smaller with each generation.

Although the diminutive Singapura now often lives in much less dangerous surroundings, it still is a very quiet cat. More than one cat lover has fallen for this sweet little cat's quiet disposition and soft voice. However, don't let this breed's demure appearance fool you. These cats are quite adept at wrapping their owners around their paws and can easily become so used to getting exactly what they want that they become quiet, but loving little tyrants. After all, it is very hard to be firm with such a tiny cat, especially when he looks up at you with enormous, soft eyes.

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This breed has a slightly rounded head, a short Ticked Tabby or Agouti colored coat, and slightly almond shaped hazel, green, or gold eyes. The Singapura's tail is medium length and gracefully tapers to a point. One of the most distinctive characteristics of the breed is the markings that extend from the inner corner of the eyes to the whiskers. These markings are called 'cheetah lines'.

The Singapura has a reputation for being quite playful. While most cats become much less playful as they mature, these little cats continue to romp and pounce about as if they are still kittens. Of course, this could be because this breed can take up to four years to become mature, so they are still kittens long after other cats have moved on to adulthood. These cats are the Peter Pans of the cat world.

With its playful nature, it is no surprise that the Singapura cat breed is a good choice for a multiple cat household. For this breed, it truly seems to be a case of 'The more, the merrier'. Even un-neutered tomcats will get along with each other, which is very unusual. If you have several Singapuras, don't be surprised if you find your cats all piled into the same cat bed. Of course, given this breed's affectionate nature, it is more likely that you will find them all snuggled under your covers with you when you awaken each morning.

The Singapura is the ideal cat breed for anyone who wants a kitten that never grows up.

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