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For people who like cats with a unique appearance, the Selkirk Rex is definitely a good choice. The curly haired Selkirk has a coat that looks similar to that of a poodle, although it is much thicker and plushier. This cat breed, which has both longhair and shorthair varieties, originated in the United States in the late nineteen eighties when one kitten in a litter born at an animal rescue had a very curly coat. This cat was bred to a Persian cat and produced a litter of three curly kittens and three normal kittens. The breeder named these curly haired kittens after the mountains near her home. Since there were three kittens that carried the Rex gene in the litter, this gene is dominant and outcrossing the Selkirk to other cat breeds still produces Rex kittens.

Since the Selkirk Rex is occasionally bred back to Persians to increase the genetic pool and to keep this cat breed healthy, it is no surprise that these cats need to be groomed frequently. Even shorthairs need to be groomed several times a week to avoid having their coats tangle and to remove loose hair before it ends up on your furniture cushions. These cats shed frequently. As you groom your cat, be careful not to over comb his coat, as too much grooming can straighten the hair. In addition, be especially careful of his whiskers, as they are extremely fragile and breakable.

Fortunately, unlike other Rex cat breeds, the Selkirk does not have any common genetic disorders. This breed is very healthy and strong, overall. However, you should consult your veterinarian if your cat eats less or becomes lethargic, as this breed is prone to hairballs. You also may want to discuss using a cat food that includes a hairball preventative with your veterinarian before your cat develops any problems.

This breed has a muscular, squarish body and a slightly rounded head. The breed's big round eyes and pointed ears are wide set. The tail is broad, tapering at the tip. You can find these fascinating cats in any color or coat pattern. Most cats have eyes with a rich golden color, but there are blue eyed cats, as well.

If you are concerned that your cat will be lonely while you are working, this breed a great choice for you. These cats are quite happy amusing themselves during the day, although they will happily soak up attention when you are home.

The laid back personality of this breed also makes it ideal for families or for multiple cat homes. These cats will endure quite a lot of child's play without putting up much of a fuss, from riding in the doll carriage to wearing dress up clothes and having tea. Of course, since all of your guests will want to pet the Selkirk to see how extraordinary soft and plush these cats feel, this calm personality is important even if you don't have children.

So, if you want a cat that is extraordinary looking and extremely sweet and calm, then the curly haired Selkirk Rex may be the perfect choice for you and your family.

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