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Why I built this page on pictures of cats? It's simple:

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words.
(About the Proverb).

Cats are charming no matter their ancestry; have you ever seen a non- photogenic cat?! "Pets, like young children, are unpredictable and have an irresistible charm" says photographer Brian Ratty.

The collection of photos you will find here was picked out by me from many beautiful photos. I liked the composition and the various beautiful cats that were captured by the photographer's camera, natural as they are. I have no doubt that cat lovers will adore these photos as I am.

You are welcome to submit photos to this page from your collection to enrich this gallery for all visitors' enjoyment.

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Barcelona Cat

barcelona ca

Photo by Yellow.Cat
Near Parc Güell this cat is relaxing..
Published in this page under Creative Commons

Unnamed Neighbor Cat

an amaizing cat

Photo: By JonDissed

Life is Beautiful

©Jinfeng Zhang

Black is Beautiful

© Caroline Henri

Black and White on Red

© Steve Mann

White Cat Sitting on a Window


Here I Am !

red ca

©Andrey Davidenko

Domestic Cat on The Studio

domestic cat

©Mikko Pitkänen / Alias Studiot Oy

Cat On Bench

© Robert Lerich

Domestic Greek Cat

domestic, cat

Photo by © Emmanouil Filippou

Greek street cat, at the old (medieval) town of Rhodes Island, where everyone is the owner of all cats! (all street cats are fed by everyone)

Sleeping cat - Dubrovnik

 black and white cat

by Yana Ray



© Lisa Valder-Istockphoto

Cats portrait on the street

feral cat

© Photographer: Galyna Andrushko | Agency:

A resource for cat lovers featuring hundreds of beautiful pictures of cats of an array of cat breeds.

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