Cats Language

Cats Language

Cats have a big treasure of voices which they use to communicate. They use different voices for anger, pain, fear, joy, and for communicating with people and with animals for lots of reasons.

Most of these voices that we call meow, they use in different ways for various purposes and reasons.

They also use the famous purr sound which reasons unknown for certain.

We have two cats in our home. One is a Tricolor Feral Cat which meows only to ask for rubbing her back and chin but purr a lot when petting. She communicates with her eyes, trying to catch our attention to lead us where she needs something.

The other cat is a Ragdoll cat breed and I can almost understand her feelings or wishes and she understands a lot of mine, so that we have almost a complete communication.

It starts in the early morning when she feels that it's time for me to get up. It starts with a quiet meow which she repeats several times, if I ignore her voice, she meows loudly, which is a voice of complaint and if it still doesn’t help, she meows with anger. And if she still doesn’t get my attention, she jumps gently beside me on my bed to make me feel her body until she is sure that I am awake.

The meowing continuing until I get out of bed. Then she starts to guide me toward her food bowl to show me when it's empty, then to show me her sandbox which means that it needs to be  cleaned, then she starts to rub her body with the chair's leg, showing me that she needs some rub of her fur and her neck, and then she guides me to the door and waiting me to let her go out to sit on the stairs for a while.

She is silent all night, even when she is completely awake, understanding that it's our time to rest.

When we leave the house, she is waiting for us near the door together with our dog until we come home.

When I'm exercising on the floor, she is meowing and climbing on me like someone who worries that something happened to me.

Isn't it a wonderful communication?


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