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As a fellow cat lover, I'm intrigued much as you are by trying to understand cats. Although the lots of information available on the subject, I never feel too overwhelmed when it comes to cats.

Books about cats cover a wide range of topics from professional literature to various types of advice books for cat care.

At the same time cats serve as subjects in other types of books, such as poetry, fiction and children's literature, as well as various art books.

One of them is my preferable cat books. It is one of a series of about 10 of Cube Book and White Star Publishers. This book have more then seven hundrends pages with adorable bright colored Photos of all different kinds of cats and kittens. In each page you will find an anlightening description. I look at it over and over again, with pleusere and enjoyment. I bought it many time as a gift for my cat lovers friends. Check it yourself, I assure you, if you are a cat lover you would not be disappointed.

Continuing with books I love and due to the multiplicity of themes and types of books, I have chosen to recommend two different subjects which you can find on the carousel below.

The first pick includes mostly practical guidance in varied topics including cat breeds, cat behavior, cat health, aging of cats, etc.

The second series contains a mix of humorous books, cat art books, children's books about cats and some nicely illustrated books I loved.

By clicking on the images you will find all you need to know about the authors, the publisher and the reader's opinion which will help you to judge by yourself if you like my pick or not.

I hope you will, since I loved them all.


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