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What Makes Cats so Funny?

Cats are playful and curious creatures by nature. They create funny situations and make us laugh. Funny cat stuff like cat photos, Lolcat pictures, cat quotes, stories, cartoons, movies etc., that people create is endless. I enjoy it when the material reflects their behavior humorously rather than in a cruel or negative way.

Every cat owner has his own story about the funny things his cat does. We have two cats, one a ten-year-old Ragdoll that has lived with us since kittenhood, and a tricolor adult cat we took off the street and brought home after she was injured a year ago.

Although they are both adults, they are always ready to stop whatever they are doing in order to play. A moving piece of string or a flying feather is enough to set them running and jumping until the offending or tantalizing object has been caught. All cats do this but each does it in his unique way often causing much merriment in human observers.

It is the same with every new object we bring home. The interest of our feline friends is immediately arouse and they check the new item from top to bottom and inside out with their eyes, nose, body and claws. They are especially fond of bags or boxes that they can jump into and hide in for a while. Not for nothing do we have the proverb ("Curiosity killed the cat!").

Both our cats like to sit on the page of the newspaper I happen to be reading on any particular morning, usually with back towards me and tail moving rhythmically from side to side thus preventing me from reading altogether. Another favorite antic is to jump onto my chair when I get up for a minute to make my coffee. Similarly whenever I set up the ironing board one of them immediately makes herself comfortable on it as if I was setting it up especially for her.

Every morning, before I leave for work I have to carry out a search for my cats. They have endless hiding places: in cupboards, the washing machine or clothes dryer or under blancets – in short, any space they can climb into or crawl under. To save time when I am in a hurry, I refer to a prepared list of possible hiding places but I keep having to update it as their ingenuity is boundless!

I believe that most cat owners will recognize some of the examples I have given above. All garnered from my own experience. However humorous behavior of cats is as varied as their appearance and that is what makes them so funny, entertaining and delightful. No wonder then that they are the most popular pets in the world!

On this page I have gathered some of the funny cat stuff I love and hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do.

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