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The Charming Chartreux

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If you are looking for a cat breed that is as wonderful as a good French wine, you may want to consider the Chartreux cat. After all, a legend tells that this breed was named for the Chartreuse liquor that Carthusian monks were so famous for. Of course, while it is true that this cat is mentioned in Carthusian records as early as the fifteen hundreds, this breed probably received its name because its coat looks similar to the wool of the Chartreux sheep.

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This breed has a thick, wooly coat in a rich gray blue color. It is neither a true longhair nor a shorthair, since the outer coat is longer than that of a shorthair, but not as long as that of most longhairs.

This feline has a body that is solid and muscular, while its legs are on the short side and slender. Some breeders say this breed looks like a potato with toothpick legs. However, despite its build, he moves quickly and gracefully and has a reputation for being an excellent mouser. One of the most eye catching characteristics of this breed is the way his mouth curves in a perpetual, sweet smile. These cats weigh in at anywhere from seven to seventeen pounds, with cats at the heavier end of this weight range being the ideal.

If you enjoy interacting with your pets and teaching them tricks, then this breed is an ideal choice for you. The Chartreux is a breed that loves to hang out with family members and thrives on attention. In addition, these intelligent cats have a reputation for being quick learners. Most of them learn to come when they are called and will fetch toys.

People who do not spend much time at home should consider looking for a different breed, since this cat like dog loves people and is really unhappy spending a lot of time alone. Since it doesn't seek out other cats for company, getting another kitten to keep your cat from feeling so lonely when you are working may not make much of a difference.

This breed is on the quiet side. When it does talk, it has a high pitched meow. It will also occasionally give a soft chirp instead.

Before you name your Chartreux kitten, you may want to talk to your breeder. This cat breed has an interesting naming tradition. All kittens born in a certain year are given names that start with the same letter. Names that start with the letters K, Q, W, X, Y, and Z are never used.

It's wool like coat does need frequent grooming to avoid matting. You should be prepared to comb it's hair at least once a week to keep him looking beautiful, and you may actually need to groom him more often.

If you want a sweet natured and intelligent cat that is on the quiet side, then the Chartreux may be the ideal breed for you.

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