Which Are Your Desirable Cat Breeds or Type of Cats?

No matter which cat breeds you like most, if you are a cat lover I have no doubt that you are as fascinated and attracted by the variety of cat breeds as I am.

a groop of cats

The difference in their look, their beauty, personality, behavior and needs, enhances our curiosity and enriches our lives. We always enjoy watching and learning more about the world of these wonderful species.

Taking care of a beautiful Ragdoll cat for the last 10 years as well as a number of street cats, my love for and interest in cats has grown over the years until it has

become one of the most pleasing part of my life.

I am constantly amazed by the different types of cats that exist among domestic-cats and by the growing number of distinct cat breeds.

Although breeders categorize the cats by unique characteristics for each breed - within the categories there is variety in cat's fur color and eye color, fur length, and fur patterns. The result is that each cat has a distinctive look, a unique combination of colors, a special character and temperament, individual behavior and a way of relating to its surroundings. That's what makes cats such special and exciting creatures

I dedicate this site to cat lovers, hoping that visitors will find here a wide range of interesting issues which will give them pleasure as well as useful and interesting information – all about cats.

Popular Cat Breeds
There are dozens of different breeds among domestic cats. Some of them are popular then others. Look at the list of the Top Ten Most Popular Cat Breeds by Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) registration
Domestic Cats -The Most Popular Pet in The World
Due to their close contact with humans, domestic cats are now found almost everywhere on Earth.
Types of Cats
All types of cats regardless of their origin have a unique look and special characteristics and all of them deserve the same attention and care. Here is a glance at the variety of the types
Cat Behavior
Cat behavior is fascinating and misterious. The body language, hunting techniques, voice call, form of communication, socialization and play habits? Let's look and check a few.
Cats Language
Cats language contains a big treasure of voices which they use to communicate.
List of Cat Breeds
There are dozens of different cat breeds among domestic cats. Look of the list of cat breeds, click on the breed name, enjoy the picture and the description
Feral Cats
Millions of feral cats living on the streets sentenced to a life of suffering. With spaying and neutering we can reduce their number and improve their lives
Wild Cats
Wild cats are close relative of the domestic cat. Despite thousands of years of domestication, there is very little difference between the housecat and its wild ancestor.
Big Cats
A brief look at the large felid species - the big cats: the tiger, lion, jaguar, and leopard.
Cat Breeds news
Cat Breeds news as gathered by Google from thousand news resources from around the world
Pictures Of Cats
Pictures of cats that capture our hearts are the results of the gifted photographer's ability to catch the inherent grace and beauty of one of the most unpredictable creatures in the world.
Cat Books
If you are interested in cats you will find here cat books about lots of issues and types, ranging from literature and guidance to the books of prose, humor and art of all kinds.
Cat Clip Art
OK, now let's have some fun with cat clip art
Cat Videos
My favorite cat videos
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Contribute to Cat Breeds
Would you like to share your knowledge about cat breeds? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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